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Fitness machines

Fitness Machines

Not everyone is built for lifting weights in the gym and time is in short supply these days. But anyone, anytime can find the opportunity to stop at a fitness park and do a few exercises to keep healthy, using just their body weight – whether they be moms with children, teenagers or senior citizens. Simply anyone.

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Workout playgrounds

Workout Playgrounds

Horizontal bars, rings, parallel bars… a lot of people can perform real magic with their bodies, and street workout playgrounds have become a symbol of a healthy lifestyle for the younger generation. Our sets are extra durable and allow further expansion, thanks to our patented modular system.

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One obstacle follows another and the path forward is taken only through the skillful use of one’s body. Parkour playgrounds belong primarily to teenagers. They are the perfect place for young people, from 10 years old and upwards, to let off some steam and improve their motor ability. And it frees up children’s playgrounds for the younger ones.

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2 million – that’s how many pairs of dogs’ eyes are looking for some type of agility park. That’s not even counting their owners. Every other household has a dog these days and a park like this is exactly what dog lovers might enjoy. If you bring these like-minded people together, the owners and their dogs can have a field day.

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Choose a design that will best fit your locale. We produce all types of machines and sets in 3 variants – all-metal designs with an outstanding price x performance ratio, elegant wood imitations or exclusive stainless designs.

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Product sheets, documentation, certificates, declarations, labels, logos… all in one place.

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We have everything in stock. If you're ready, so are we. Your new playground can be completed within a week.


We have realized nearly 2,000 projects. More than anyone. That's why we know how to build a playground to suit your needs.


We'll give you advice on workout equipment combinations, lend them to you for testing, draw up your project and prepare a 3D visualization.