Development, Production, Innovation

We produce in our home country.
In the Czech Republic

Because that’s what’s best. We keep an eye on quality. Quickly prepare a custom solution. Test new ideas straight away. We have all the machines and sets in stock, so go ahead and be picky. We can produce anything.

A New Workout Element?

It’s not that easy to make. That is why we assembled a development team that combines opinions from many fields. These experts allow us to accommodate even the most unusual requests. For instance, high school students are shorter than college students. To account for that and allow these young people to exercise, our sets can be variably modified, and the placement and interconnection of the modules can be changed based on height.

New element
Workout element

We Keep an Eye on Production

The CZ, CE, SF, SW, WO, WOS, WOS W, parkour and agility series are made in the Czech Republic and receive praise all over the world. Our warehouse is near Prague, so your new fitness park can be built in a jiffy.

We keep an eye on production

We’re Agile

Perhaps, that’s why we began developing new materials for agility obstacles. In addition, we design parkour playgrounds for teenagers – a modern physical activity for modern kids.

3 Qualities You'll Appreciate


We have everything in stock. If you're ready, so are we. Your new playground can be completed within a week.


We have realized nearly 2,000 projects. More than anyone. That's why we know how to build a playground to suit your needs.


We'll give you advice on workout equipment combinations, lend them to you for testing, draw up your project and prepare a 3D visualization.