How It Started

We Wanted a Playground for the Elderly

Because a sound body needs physical activity. That’s not even talking about a sound mind. But older people need something undemanding. Just a light stretch, using their own body weight or fresh air while walking in a park.

That was our idea. After two years of work and planning, we delivered the first 11 outdoor fitness equipment to the Czech Republic in 2010 and built a workout playground for the elderly in a park.

Playground for the elderly
Playground construction

True, at first, the equipment in this outdoor gym saw more movement from the wind than from people. After all, exercising in front of passersby was not at all common in our country.

Exercise for the elderly
Workout machines for a park

But after a few sheepish attempts, the playground became a phenomenon. Soon, we learned that this is exactly what was missing outdoors. And not just for the elderly.

This is what was missing outdoors

At this very moment, we might be developing a new fitness equipmnet we will produce in our home country – the Czech Republic. Or perhaps, a new workout set or agility/parkour obstacles. Your physical activity is our motivator. Whether you are a teenager or a senior citizen, athlete or not.

3 Qualities You'll Appreciate


We have everything in stock. If you're ready, so are we. Your new playground can be completed within a week.


We have realized nearly 2,000 projects. More than anyone. That's why we know how to build a playground to suit your needs.


We'll give you advice on workout equipment combinations, lend them to you for testing, draw up your project and prepare a 3D visualization.