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There is no better choice for modern city districts and private gardens or luxury residences.

The teak wood is one of the most durable in the world. It is resistant to moulds, rot and insect.


Exclusive design and a long-term advantageous investment. If you look for durability, here it is.


A keenly priced choice for any place wherever people live. Great performance for a good price.

Series XC


Elegance that does not disturb harmony of historical city districts and parks.


A resilient, all-metal construction, a modern design and colors as you like.


A symbol of healthy lifestyle of the young generation. Thanks to the patented modular system you can extend our sets endlessly.


There is no better choice for modern city districts and private gardens or luxury residences.

A perfect design for perfect training. The teak wood is durable, protecting, thanks to the content of oil resins, iron connecting parts against corrosion. So it looks great for years.


Literally indestructible sets in an exclusive design for intensive use.


No mechanical parts; instead a high resilience and a good value for money.

Series WO


Our parkour fields comply with the EU standard and are designed in cooperation with leading Czech parkour practitioners.

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We use time-proven materials for safe and natural movements of dogs.
Dogs are in every other household. So, an agility field will make a huge number of people happy.

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All the products are carefully tested and meet the requirements of the strictest standards.

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Our equipment is used by people in 30 countries.

We’re number one for outdoor exercising in Czech republic.

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I. Content and purpose of the document
1. This document contains information regarding the protection of personal data provided to visitors to the www.colmex.cz website, our clients and those interested in our services and products.

2. The purpose of this document is to familiarize you with your rights and provide clear information on how personal data will be handled.

3. We appreciate your confidence in the provision of personal data and therefore we process personal data not only in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll., Personal Data Protection, but we adapt Personal Data Management Regulation (EU) 2016/679, i.e. a general regulation on the protection of personal data, is generally known under the GDPR.

4. Content covered by this document: I. Content and purpose of the document II. Privacy Manager – who are we and how can you contact us? III. What personal data we process and how do we get it? IV. For what purposes do we process personal data, for how long and what does it entitle us to? V. Disclosure of personal data to other persons VI. Information about your privacy rights VII. Other important information for exercising your rights

II. Privacy Manager – who are we and how can you contact us?
Colmexs.r.o., Company Identification Number: 29037221, registered office at Kubelíkova 1224/42, 130 00 Praha 3 (further referred to as „Administrator“) Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 161816. Contact E-mail: info@colmex.cz : +420 773 666 066, our website: www.colmex.eu

III. What personal data we process and how do we get it?
We process the data we provide to ourselves. In particular cases, it may be the provision of data by filling in one of the forms on the website, by entering the data into the created user account on our website, by providing data in the preparation of contracts and related documents, and in connection with the execution of the contracts (i.e in connection with the delivery of goods, by telephone, in writing, by e-mail or by other means of communication (sms messages, skype applications, FB messenger), and we also process data published on the Internet and especially on social networks (eg. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin) public registers (especially for entering or checking your identification data in contracts). If we need to have your consent to the processing of certain personal data, we only process such data with your consent. You give us the information on a voluntary basis. If we do not have the data needed to deliver the ordered goods (for example, if we supply it to a address and you will not give it), or to provide services, we will always notify you in advance. You are required to provide us with only the data specified by law. Personal data may fall under the category of „normal personal data“ or may have a special category of data, that is, sensitive data that provides for legal compliance to meet these conditions. Operational personal data that we process: The name, surname, title, address, company name, company position, company ID, VAT number, telephone number, e-mail, information about ordered goods and services bought us, information about what services we have provided. the meetings you attended, video footage from these events.

IV. For what purposes do we process personal data, for how long and what does it entitle us to do so?
a. Processing personal data to meet the obligations of accounting, tax and other legal regulations.

To meet the obligations arising from the applicable legal regulations, especially in the field of accounting, tax law and archive, we process the following data: Name, surname, title, address, position at company, company ID, VAT number, telephone number, e-mail, information about ordered goods and services. The period for which the data are processed is determined directly by the applicable legal regulations, which are subject to the duty of processing.

b. Processing of personal data for the purposes of the legitimate interests of our or third parties.

A legitimate interest may cover a variety of situations. That is why we inform you of the legitimate interests for which we process personal data: The legitimate interest is the protection and demonstration of our rights and legal claims from concluded contracts or caused damages. For this purpose, we process personal data for a period of 4 years after termination of the contractual cooperation or our last contact, unless the contract has been concluded. This time limit is set with respect to the limitation periods of the claims, considering that we do not need to know about the eventual claim in court at the time of its application by the other party. For this purpose, data from the contracts and our mutual communication are kept. Direct marketing is also a legitimate interest. To send business messages, we will process the following personal data of our clients: company name, name, e-mail address, company telephone number, company ID, VAT number. You can always end up sending commercial messages to your mail easily by clicking on the link in the email. If we would use a classic printed form or a phone call or some of the skype messenger communication applications to send our news or newsletters, we will also respect this if you let us know that you do not want another contact.

c. Processing your personal information based on your approval.

If you give us your consent, we will process your personal information to send you our services / products. The consent also applies to the possibility of publishing information about participation or winnings in the competition, the use of acquired photos or videos for our marketing purposes or references. We will need your consent to this processing if you are not our client. Before giving us your consent, we will let you know what information and the specific purpose of processing your consent will apply to. You can revoke your consent at any time. However, if we also process some of your personal information under another legal title (see under A to C above), we will process your personal data for that purpose even after your consent has been withdrawn because such consent is not necessary for such specific purposes.

V. Disclosure of personal data to other persons.
Some of our contractual or legal obligations are assisted by other people who are in the position of processors. In, it is a collaborating accountant, law firm (s), data warehouse provider, software applications, and advertising agencies. We have written agreements with the developer, in which we have agreed to fulfill our privacy obligations to keep your data safe. Personal data will also be made available to the appropriate administrative authorities if such a duty is imposed by law (ie in the case of an inspection where the authority is entitled to request the disclosure of personal data).

VI. Information about your other privacy rights
A. Right of access to personal data: This is a right to confirm that we process your personal data and, if so, to access this information and processing information.

B. Right to correct personal information: This is the right to correct imprecise personal data concerning you without undue delay. You have the right to complete incomplete personal data, including by providing a supplementary statement (in which you provide full details).

C. Right to deletion of personal data (Right to Forget): In cases specified by law or GDPR, you have the right to require us to erase your personal data without undue delay (in GDPR, the reasons given in Article 17, including the exceptions where the deletion does not do).

D. Right to restrict processing: In the cases provided in Article 18 of the GDPR you have the right to require us to restrict the processing of your personal data.

E. Right to data transferability: Under the conditions set forth in Article 20 of the GDPR, you have the right to obtain your personal data and pass it on to another Administrator. If technically feasible, you have the right to request direct delivery to another administrator.

F. Right to object: In cases where we process personal data for purposes of legitimate interest, you have the right to object to such processing. Then we will no longer process the data if our legitimate interest does not outweigh your interests or rights and freedoms. If direct marketing is legitimate interest, then the objection always results in the termination of further processing for direct marketing purposes.

G. Right to file a complaint with the Surveillance Authority: If you believe that you are violating your privacy rights, you have the right to file a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection. For more information on the Office and the protection of personal data, please visit www.uoou.cz

VII. Other important information for the exercise of your rights.
If you have any further questions regarding the processing of your personal data with us, you can contact us by e-mail info@colmex.cz. By posting this mail or sending a written request to our address mentioned in the introductory part of this document, you can also directly claim your rights as described in Article VI. Just let us know that we can contact you to verify your identity and the request. The same applies to any telephone and similar communications. The current version of this document can always be found at www.colmex.eu.
This text is effective from 25. 5. 2018.

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