Street Workout Sets for Your Workout Playground

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We are one of the biggest Czech producers of workout playgrounds in the Czech Republic. Our patented and certified modular system enables our workout sets to be combined and interconnected to achieve the desired functionality. Our assortment contains ca. 50 modules, plus additional accessories used as street workout elements.

Street Workout – All-metal Structure

Street workout sets in an all-metal design and in colors of your choice. The workout structure can vary in size, from the basic configuration, up to maximum size for multiple exercisers at the same time. We also offer additional workout elements and accessories


Street Workout – Stainless Structure

Timeless look and indestructible construction. If you're looking for a durable street workout structure, for a functional outdoor workout, on a well-designed piece of equipment, this is the series for you. A street workout set in this stainless design is suitable for any environment and can embellish any street workout playground you plan to build.

WOS W Series
Street Workout – Stainless Steel with Teak Fittings

Street Workout – Stainless Steel with Teak Fittings

An exclusive premium series in our product range. There is no better choice for a workout gym in modern public areas and private gardens, residences or offices. Exercising on this elegant fitness equipment, fitted with teak wood, is a true joy.


Why Street Workout?

Street workout is intended for outdoor strength training. Elements from this series contain no mechanical components, making the equipment essentially indestructible. That is why workout playgrounds are becoming increasingly popular both in public spaces and as a home workout system.

How Does It Work?

Street workout equipment is ideal for calisthenic training: simple training aimed at strengthening and toning the body. This type of workout is for everyone who’s interested and finds joy and meaning in exercising. Workout playgrounds are frequently used in training top and high-performance athletes.

3 Qualities You'll Appreciate


We have everything in stock. If you're ready, so are we. Your new playground can be completed within a week.


We have realized nearly 2,000 projects. More than anyone. That's why we know how to build a playground to suit your needs.


We'll give you advice on workout equipment combinations, lend them to you for testing, draw up your project and prepare a 3D visualization.