Examples of our work, projects, our series and the use of materials


Cooperation with architects and designers

Cooperation with designers on large projects of revitalization or construction on a green field of outdoor playgrounds and school sports fields.

Ing. arch. Jan Dudr: When choosing elements, we provide investors with links to the Colmex website. The advantage is a comprehensive and clear range of fitness machines, workout and parkour elements.


Outdoor hand sanitizer dispenser stand

Our fast solution to HEALTH PROTECTION in public space during and after the COVID-19 PANDEMIC situation.

The main advantage of our outdoor hand disinfection stand is the proven combination of a robust all-stainless steel design, a dosing mechanism that prevents one-time draining of the disinfection and a two-liter lockable stainless steel inner container. Thanks to the mounting plate, the stand can be anchored to any surface. We also offer a mobile version of the stand. Its advantages include practical and easy portability, design and stability, “explains owner of Colmex Vladimír Havlík. We are proud to install every day our stands in several places in the Czech Republic and send them abroad!


Colmex Built It to Perfection

Fitness machines

At Drachtinka, we support a positive approach to the sport. That’s why we decided to equip the surroundings of our football field with stainless steel fitness equipment to not only strengthen the body, but also help prevent health problems.

We started using the equipment immediately and our people are very happy with them. “The equipment are stainless, so I’m confident they’ll last us a long time!” adds the mayor of Drachtinka with a smile.

We ordered the equipment from Colmex. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and professionally they handled our order. They keep their equipment in stock, so we went from planning to visualization and scheduling to implementation within three weeks


They Joy of Movement in the Open Air

The open street workout and parkour training sets in Břasy are an excellent example of our very successful implementations. The playgrounds are part of a large sports complex.

The mayor confirmed to us: Colmex has a well thought-out approach to projects. After consultations, they drew up a graphic plan of the layout and then built and delivered everything according to schedule. We are glad to have had the opportunity to work with them.


Unexpected Commotion 100 Yards Underground

Sanatorium EDEL
Stainless machines
Stainless machine
Child-size machines

We designed rehabilitation equipment for Sanatorium EDEL, sized specifically for children and made from stainless steel. We are the only company in the Czech Republic to offer this kind of equipment and experience has shown that these machines can withstand truly demanding conditions and rough handling.

Our fitness equipment were completely rusted and unusable for children. So, I looked for an alternative that can withstand the high humidity underground. I was thinking of something made of stainless steel and I was surprised to find that no company on the Czech market makes machines like that. Therefore, I contacted Colmex and not only did they supply durable rehabilitation fitness equipment made of stainless steel, they custom-made them for us in sizes for children. The kids have been given speleotherapy for a while now and by the looks of things, will continue so for quite some time.