Agility Training Playground

What is Agility?

Agility can be performed by anyone with a dog. The goal is for the dog handler to lead their dog through an obstacle course in the correct direction and order, without faults and in the best time possible.

It is one of the most natural activities for dogs. Dogs cooperate with their pack and master in overcoming obstacles when hunting for prey. It is a sport that improves the physical condition of both the dog and the handler and helps strengthen their mutual bond. In addition, each training session and race is an excellent opportunity for the dog to socialize. The dog will learn to encounter other dogs and people in this environment, become accustomed to them, shake off their fear and, thus, rid themselves of the aggressive tendencies usually caused by fear.

Assortment of Agility Product Series:

AG 1 Contact Obstacles

See-saw, dog walk, A-frame, table and other obstacles the dog must overcome by running through them.

Contact Obstacles

AG 2 Jumping Obstacles

Rings and hurdles are some of the more difficult elements used in agility training.

Jumping Obstacles

AG 3 Weaving Obstacles

Weaves are an ideal method of training for quick reactions and nimbleness.

Weaving Obstacles

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