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Czech production

Upper body workout/strengthening, including abdominal and back muscles.

Designed for: 1 person
Installation: 2 persons; 2,5 hours
Dimensions: 1650 x 500 x 930 mm

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Product type: Strength training

Function: Upper body workout/strengthening, including abdominal and back muscles.

Note: Maximum allowed weight of a user is 120 kg. The area of 2 meters from the user/machine must stay clear during the workout.

Safety instructions: Without attendance of adult, kids with minimum height 140 cm are not allowed. Other than proper use is prohibited. The device follows the standard CSN EN 16630. Exercise slowly and smoothly. Do not use the device if its surface is frosty, slippery, hot or if the device is visibly damaged. Risk of injury.


How to exercise on the machine?

Use: Grasp the bars firmly and swing up to a position with your arms straight. Now you can do push-ups or travel your arms over the bars. With push-ups, breath and slowly move as low as possible. Keep your body consolidated with your back and pelvic muscles squeezed. While breathing out, move your arms back to the initial position. Avoid swing movement- the draw must be smooth, otherwise you can suffer an injury!

Routine: We recommend 3 sets, 1-5 reps each, with a break between the sets, depending on the current health condition of the user. Should you feel any pain, stop your workout immediately.

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