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Czech production

Fitness, stretching, exercise & workout. Exercise with your own body weight.

Designed for: Multiple users
Installation: 3 persons, 5 hours
Dimensions: 4720 x 1290 x 2500 mm
Weight: 149 kg

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Product type: Street Workout

Function: Workout is a permanently installed and freely accessible fitness equipment intended for sporting activities and exercising to improve physical and mental skills and abilities of users. Users may use the equipment with or without supervision and help of others.

Note: The basic set includes the following workout segments: single trapeze, wall bars and double bars. Other modifications to this assembly may include tangles, circles, multifunction (safe for hanging circles, TRX system, etc.) or a balanced ladder.

Safety instructions: While using the workout system, follow the instructions shown in the information boards on the equipment. Exercise slowly and in a controlled way. Physical issues may occur in case of excessive load. In case of any doubts, consult the training or individual exercises with your physician to make sure there are no obstructions preventing from safe use of the workout system. Avoid overload of individual parts of the system and do not use the system if the surface is covered by frost, slippery, hot or the equipment is visibly damaged. Other than proper use is prohibited. The device is in compliance with the standard CSN EN 16630.

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