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COLMEX is a company with a global presence and an extensive experience in the field of outdoor workout equipment and street workout facilities, originally founded in 2010, engaged in sales and distribution of workout equipment in the Czech Republic and Slovakia territories. The gradual growth of the company ended up with a need to establish our own development and manufacturing centre in cooperation with prominent fitness trainers and experts. This is why today our company is one of the leading trend-setters in the fitness industry.

During its existence the company has gained with almost 1500 completed projects the position of one of the leading suppliers of outdoor workout equipment in EU market, primarily intended for outdoor use not only as detached fitparks and play fields for seniors, but also as a suitable and purposeful addition to existing children playgrounds or multipurpose fields, sports grounds and relaxation/leisure time parks.

Outdoor fitness parks for all generations as a whole or possibly individual workout equipment are not only intended to be installed in public places, parks, grounds or sports fields, but also at spa resorts, restaurants or shopping malls, rest homes, hospitals and other recreational and sports sites, offering the possibility of ultimate use across generations.

Outdoor fitparks by our company fully reflect the needs of contemporary citizens, suitably developing and improving mental and psycho-social skills and capabilities of individuals and groups. A space is created for active and relaxation activities as well as important self-realization enhancing the value of participants' life.

Robust construction, premium quality and vandalproofness predetermine our outdoor workout equipment for continual and satisfactory use by all involved and guarantee that your outdoor fitpark soon becomes a favorite place to relax for citizens and visitors of your town.

We believe you will find our offer interesting as keeping healthy lifestyle and good temper makes us all physically as well as mentally fit, no matter what age we are.

                                                                                                   Vladimír Havlík, CEO



"At first I must admit we all were so pleasantly surprised by huge interest amongst seniors in our senior fitpark. We were a bit afraid whether Czech seniors will be willing to exercise and work out on outdoor equipment - whether they will not be shy - but the reality of the opening month convinced us all. Despite quite hot weather the workout machines are permanently occupied, especially by seniors. Peak hours are of course in the morning and at sunset - because of the weather. But it is quite nice to see (I live near the park) how seniors - some of them walking their dogs - are dating in the morning to do some exercises and have fun together..."

Municipal Authority, City Quarter of Prague 4

"As a sportsman I really do appreciate the intention of the town council to develop a park where even the older ones may come to exercise. I especially like the fact it is the outdoor fitpark which means workout in nature. I saw similar parks and sports fields in Sweden for instance. I think in our country we also deserve to have places like this, open for public, so anybody may come anytime to workout or relax."

Pavel Pafko, professor, physician and project sponsor

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